Chasing Lizards and Other Memories
How does recounting our personal memories in public transform them? 'Chasing Lizards and Other Memories' is a reconciliation of memory through the use of narrative non-fiction and prose. Set in the chronological order of the authors' life, the photos and stories illustrate how fragmented experiences are able to shape our behaviours later in life. 
The work speaks directly to people about leaning into joy and moving beyond anger, and propose that oppressed people do not wait for oppression to end in order to experience happiness and contentment. 'Chasing Lizards and Other Memories' attempts to illustrate how memory sticks to places we go, how it adheres to our clothes, how it mares our speech, and how it comes to define our livelihoods in later years. 
The book is made up of 20 narrative non-fiction stories, 4 interludes of photos, both archival photos and self-portraits and 12 poems and prose. With an unflinching intensity, these stories and prose are told through different narrational lenses as an indirect analysis of micro-moments that fit into wider political realities. They're tales of returning to what is known to be true, but it also points to a future where new experiences, tales of love, nostalgia and joy can be carved out. Limited copies available: 
Documentation: Sherida Kuffour, Akwasi Kuffour, Philippa Andoh 
Dimensions: 145mm × 240mm
144 pages

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