Make Room, Make Room, Make Room 
Make Room, Make Room, Make Room (2018) is a moving photographic piece of performance directed and produced in collaboration with Nagare Willemsen. The short video exists to assert a different way of taking up space. Colonisation and by extension post-colonisation behaviours we all exhibit has dominated the spaces we live in. The victimiser and victim must find ways to move about each other, crawling, shoving, hugging, flailing, and any way that space must be made for the colonised bodies. 
In participating at a residency hosted by De School, in Amsterdam, performers Sherida Kuffour(NL/UK), Nagare Willemsen(NL) and Davide Sanvee(CH), perform and embody poem about taking up space and making room through a speakerphone. The words urging the audience to ‘make room’ for love and for freedom permeates the sunny garden. It is obstructive, there is no stage, there are no boundaries, the crowds of people who look on are our props, and our bodies interrupt the smokers’ corners. 
This piece was performed at the opening of the club night which ran for 48 hours, lasting around 25 minutes. It inhabited moments of stillness, slow choreography, not relying on shocking movements or extravagant dance to make our presence known, thus solidifying the notion that our mere presence as black bodies sometimes act as political strongholds.
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