Radicaale Verbeelding 
Radicaale Verbeelding is a conference that exists to highlight innovative forms of visual art and design through intense three day workshops and week long trips trips. The initiative, powered by Sandberg Instituut and Hilversum Media Park; the heart of Dutch media industry, required a strong and off-beat brand to distinguish itself from the usual tight and controlled image of typical Dutch media. Together with Tessa Meuss, we created a brand identity and a navigational system based on our idea of the radical and intersection. The concept was to intersect seemingly opposing words, and create a sort of 'visual glitch'. These crossings later influenced how we designed the event space and navigational systems, using only red and white tape. The result was a set of posters, a programme brochure, navigational design and digital screen graphics
Brand development, digital design, event management, navigational design

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