The Annual Archive
The Annual Archive presents an overview of students’ artistic work, and documents all projects and activities from the Department of Design at Sandberg Instituut between 2016 and 2017. 
The design references visual elements found in old cabinet systems e.g. the consistent divider tabs on the top left corner and different colour papers to signify a new cabinet has been openend. The index, always open on the bottom flap, operates as a content page navigating the reader through the different cabinets. The horizontal format also attempts to challenge contemporary reading culture, prompting the reader to slow down, and sift through the archive as though you were searching for a document in an old filing cabinet. 
Documentation: Annelys De Vet, Julia Carvalho de Aguiar, Charlotte Constanje 
Publisher: Sandberg Instituut Archive
Dimensions:150mm × 225 mm
90 pages
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